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Blood Collection Mixer

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Blood Collection Mixer


  • Automatically clamps blood bag tubing when collected blood volume reaches preset volume. Preset volume is user-selectable.
  • Rocks to mix collected blood with anticoagulant in the blood bag.
  • LCD panel displays collected blood volume, preset volume to collect, total weight of collected blood and blood bags, elapsed time of donation and alarm symbols.
  • Audible and visual alarm signals at the end of collection, at abnormal blood flow and at low battery condition.
  • Large tray. Up to quadruple blood bags can be used.
  • Automatically tares weight of blood bags to measure net volume of collected blood.
  • Clamping module is detachable, so can be mounted either left side or right side.
  • Fully portable with a rechargeable and replaceable battery pack.
  • Both built-in charger and a separate charger unit included.
  • Canvas carrying bag included.
  • Lightweight, battery operation, carrying bag - a convenient machine for mobile units.

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